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Earn $USD for Simple Computer Mining

Anyone with a web browser can now participate in earning $USD.

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* Once $1.00 has been accrued, the user will automatically receive their first $1 payout to a Google wallet matching the email supplied. If you have not associated a Google wallet with your email, it will be done automatically for you upon payout.

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How does this work? uses advanced computational scripting in order to achieve a generous payout for our users. Our optimizing creates an opportunity for users to earn money through computational computer mining without expensive equipment or advanced computational knowledge. We are constantly optimizing our backend mining software and consistently provide the best means to make passive money from your existing computer hardware.

What is the Automatic Minimum payout?

Currently, the automatic minimum payout has been set at $1.00. Payouts are automatically sent to a google wallet associated with the email you initially supplied. A wallet will be automatically generated for the email supplied if it does not already exist upon the automatic $1.00 payout. Check out google wallet for more information.

Does computational mining slow my computer?

A majority of our users report they see little to no difference in their computer performance while simultaneously running our computational miner. Of course, you can pause our miner at any time if you are concerned about launching high memory capacity applications. Our algorithms are designed only to operate a fraction of your CPU processing and are auto adjusted for efficiency threading.

Can I computer mine on more than one computer and/or device?

Yes! You may use the same email to associate an unlimited number of devices. The more devices you have running the more money you will earn. Devices supported include PC and Apple desktops, laptops and tablets.

How can I maximize my $USD awards?

Hashing on multiple devices while setting those devices in the appropriate settings to hash 24/7 without interruption would achieve the maximum USD awards.

Can I hash on my cell phone?

Currently we have disabled mining for cell phones in our algorithms in order to maximize user experience. Cell phones lack the cpu power needed to operate efficiently while hashing.

What about if I refer my friends?

Stay tuned for exciting updates about our soon to be announced affiliate program.

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